I have been working with CSS over the years and love it. I have tried various libraries, toolsets like Bourbon (yes, I am that old), and pre-processors like SASS & Less.

Talking about the CSS pre-processors, lately, I was reading about how node-sass will be deprecated soon, and hence, I checked out the dart-sass documentation.

While reading the documentation, I came across an exciting way of importing the SASS files instead of the traditional way of importing the stylesheets using @import statements.

Yes, just like me, you must have thought the same, that what would be better than using @import

Vaibhav Mehta

Engineering Manager @ BrowserStack • 🎮 Gamer • 📷 Amateur Photographer • Design • 🚀 Space • 🍿Popcorn Lover • JSONBin.io Author • More about me @ 8bit.codes

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